Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My Not So Secret Garden
Quite a few pictures on this one. We are starting to work on my part of the garden since nothing is happening with the Garden of Angst. My part of the garden consists of me telling Jace, "move that there, no put it back." In the first pic he had pulled out a rock giving me an instant hole to put one of my new plants.
This is Stonehenge with a druid in a purple swimsuit. We're making a rough outline of a raised bed for flowers/vegetables/dead body. Not sure what yet.

This is the plant that went into the insta-hole. This is an Autumn Angel which is an Encore Azalea. The tag that came on the plant has a lady saying, "The best azalea I've ever planted."-Emily Ann. So you know if Emily Ann (who?) says it then it must be true. I'm not the best selector of plants. I figure if the store sells it then it must be good for this area of the country. Not always so. I've had some luck with yellow bells, plumbago and bouganvillea. This is the first azalea and it has lived overnight so it might have a sporting chance.

Uh oh! There's one of those precious rocks that we have to get out of the ground. You never know how big these will be. Used the wench and truck to pull it out. The rock was a couple hundred pounds.

I used the rock in the top left corner of the raised bed. Has a nice flat sitting surface, too. And we also had to fill the hole back in.

This is what I have finished today. I really like this because it creates a little alcove for putting a couple of plants.

And this is the end result. I planted an alyssum and some other ground cover thing (I'm great with plant names). There's also a solar light nestled in. The neat thing about this spot is that the rocks are tall enough to create shade with the angle of the sun. I'm hoping these will do ok.

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  1. You seem to be infested with druids and pink hippos. Hmmm.... maybe you should try writing children's books?