Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Preparing For 2012

Yesterday I started thinking about the new year coming up.  It's easy to notice all the stores practically bulldozing holiday items out and replacing them with every exercise gadget or tool out there.  Lucky for me I don't even need to worry about those aisles.  Have I been to "boot camp?"  No.  But I do jog and I do enough physical labor around this homestead that it's complete loo loo in the head to think I will drive to a gym.

I was thinking all the usual things yesterday.  I'll have to change the banner.  I'll have to write a post.  What direction is this going anyway?   That was the big question I thought about all day today. 

In the mean time here's a pic of something I built on Monday.  It's a BBQ/fire pit.  I copied it from a picture I saw in Mother Earth News magazine.  I know it's not worthy of BHG but where it lacks beauty it prospers in functionality.
  Thank you for looking at that.  In case you're wondering about the bits in the rest of the pic, there's some other rocks I own on the left.  In the back is one of the garden beds with black shade cloth to keep out deer and naughty dogs, and then some bits and pieces of garden tools.

Back to the big question about the new year and what direction to go in.  I had deep deep thoughts on that subject.  Without going into detail, I think we all have people in our lives that we try to please and it never really happens.  No matter what we do it will never be enough.  So I've decided that I won't endlessly try to please someone when they really have no intention of ever resolving things.  Take what you want out of that.

The next big thing for the new year is not only for me, but an appeal to all of you.  2012 is going to be a big year.  I'm talking really big.  One for the history books.  There's so many things happening right now and it's going to become even crazier in 2012 as many things sort of converge at the same time.  There's also that pesky end of the world prediction.  I don't put any faith into it but it's still there. 

My goal is to be a prolific journal writer for 2012 (and hopefully blogger).  I believe the year 2012 is going to be studied immensely in the future (that whole end of the world thing) and there'll be much interest in what us "ordinary" people were doing and what we thought about those things. 

This could be a chance to set the record straight and prove we weren't all getting ready for the Mayan countdown, though I know some of you are.  It can also be a challenge to add something great to your life and one day others will read about it, too. 

I hope to see you all in 2012 and look forward to creating, crafting, gardening, and building many, many new things.