Thursday, December 30, 2010

Cuz I hafta post this everywhere...

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Building 2011

Look at what she did.  Can you believe it?  She changed the background.  Again.  I would never have chosen this one.  I like the old one.  And up at the top.  She's already put 2011.  Who does she think she is?  Probably rubbing my nose into how organized she is.  Oh look at the line underneath.  40.  She is so old.  What's that last part mean?  Live better?   (squiggly lines squiggly lines...picture fade...)

The other day I was talking to Jace and we were discussing everything that happened this past year.  It's been a great year.  I don't remember having accomplished so much "quality" stuff in any other year.  Then the other, other day I talked to a friend about it and we both agreed it had been a pretty phenomenal year for her, too. 

Here's a recap:

Planted a spring garden and had tomatoes coming out my ears.
Started running.  Ran in a 5k and didn't die or come in last.
Started knitting and crocheting and crafting on anything that didn't move.
Helped start a business.  I'm still in business.  Volunteered at a craft show.
Read more than 12 books.  A few of them changed my life and sent me on new journeys.
And lots of other things I can't think of right now because it's late.

Now it's the end of the year and what most people want to do is come up with their New Year's Resolutions.  This is a bad plan.  Oh sure, the idea seems good but it's usually done without much forethought.  Something quick and broadstroked, like...I'm going to give up sweets, or lose a million pounds.  People mean well but it's not thought out.  The idea or resolution just seems to hang there in midair. 

A person should also ask themselves why.  Why am I giving up sweets?  Why am I losing a million pounds? 

I sat down and thought about the past year.  I asked myself what could I do this next year that builds on what I've already accomplished?  How will I live better?  And that's why I put that in the blog description up at the top, to be a reminder to me, and maybe you, to stay on track and do things that help me live better

Living better, for me, is not about having more money.  It's about learning new things, taking on new challenges, working hard to keep my family strong. 

Some things I'll be working on:

Read 12 books
Making a sock.  I could say "pair of socks" but I figure if I can make one then I can make the other and then it just sounds redundant.
Plant a bigger spring garden
Consume less.  Of everything.
Eating much healthier.  Working towards eliminating processed food.  Giving up soda. 
Learn more about nutrition, the food I eat and where it comes from.
Learn to can my own food. 
See how long we can go without a microwave.
Remake a piece of clothing.

That's my rough list.  Hopefully I've made you rethink how you want to build your 2011. 

 I'm looking forward to blogging another year of successes, mishaps, and miracles in 2011.  Hope to see you there.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Let's Kick It...

Alright..let's kick it...It's time for a post.  And it's time for pics. Most people are wishing for snow or have snow or miserable rain or weather they don't want right now.
The other week we had a freeze.  Since I'm the only daring (dumb) person to try growing tomatoes I had a unique challenge.  How to ripen green tomatoes.  I decided to try this method...use a cardboard box with an apple in the middle and cover with newspaper.  We'll come back to the results at the end.

 I saw this place in passing one day.  I was curious.  How does a community garden work?  Beyond the obvious.  You hear about these things...mostly in California.  Does it work anywhere else?

 This is Thor Warhound....Actually I believe his name is Reggie.  He's the gaurd dog at this community garden in Austin.  He's very sweet and pretty much wants to entertain you and make sure you don't leave the garden.

 I spent most of my time talking with one gardener.  She had no idea I was coming that day.  She was a gracious host, refused to be photographed, and informed me to my fill of how the garden works.

 The beds were somewhat thought out.  I liked all of them.  It was a work in progress and all were bountiful gardens.

 These beds had been set up specially for people who could not garden low to the ground.
 This garden was the envy of all.  I want to copy it.  It was absolutely gorgeous. Very...bonzai to a garden I would like to have.  If I could do this for about 8 beds I would be happy...An excellent example of companion planting.  It also resembled a nice salad bar and I really want to just pick some leaves and eat it.

 Why all the pvc arches?  I want to say it's for covering the plants when it freezes or is too hot.


 There's a total of 70 plots for this garden.  This pic is beans with a bean pole or teepee.

Lettuces and greens





And then I went to my car and cried...Not really, but c' do they do it?

As the "Accidental Gardener" that I am, here's how the cardboard box ripening has worked out.  Everything is turning red and ripe!  I've managed to save most of my tomato crop from the freeze.  They don't smell the same as sun ripened but the taste is satisfactory compared to store bought.  Some of these are Black Krim which accounts for the darker color and also red with green coloring. 

Friday, December 10, 2010

Repost from Just Another Mommy Blog

Occasionaly I come across  a post that makes me want to grab my pitch fork or torch and join a disgruntled mob.  I usually come to my senses when realizing I'd have to walk 15 miles to get to the disgruntled mob or drive to the disgruntled mob in my minivan filled with pitchforks and torches. 

This post from Just Another Mommy Blog had me right there...