Monday, August 31, 2009

Odds and Ends and Cuppy Cakes

This is a beautiful chocolate cupcake made by someone in a pink bathing suit that is not Jace. I wish I had been able to post the pic of her mixing it. She mixed the batter with her hands. And I have to eat this. Why? Because it is my motherly duty. While smiling and saying, "oh this is so good, why there's hardly any rocks/sticks/toys in it."

I went to the bank drive-thru and saw this in the front parking lot. A fire engine...Oh no! Don't let my money burn up! I've gotten pretty good at trying to always have the camera ready and recognize interesting picture taking moments.

Here you see Rowan vacuuming. Jace is helping her by holding the cord. He says, "she's like a Roomba. You never know which direction she's going to go but the floor ends up completely clean." She really likes to help out around the house. You can also see that she has a purple bathing suit when the pink one is dirty. A friend suggested that she doesn't really have any other clothes and that I am probably selling them on Ebay.

Next post will be another look at the garden...


  1. Love the sleepover hippo:) Yes, you are obligated to eat anything the princess bakes, even when they mistake granular sugar for confectioners sugar in an icing recipe. I have never eaten icing that was so crunchy:P

  2. I still say all she has is bathing suits. Love the hippo, too cute.