Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bits and Pieces

Sometimes there are many different things to talk about and no one to tell you to be quiet. Here we have 3 pics all sort of related. The first is our lovely garden. You don't see anything in it. I know. It's our Garden of Angst. We are in the planning stages of putting "something" together for fall. This recently has involved us standing and staring at it saying things like, "hmm" "yep." We have learned that to have any kind of garden we will have to have raised gardens and dirt brought in. Jace had some idea of hauling rocks from around the land to make these but I suggested we just build some boxes out of wood and get the dirt and maybe get something done. There's a multitude of problems with trying to garden out here. The scorching sun, the drought, and the extreme wind on certain days, just to name a few.

The next pic is just the sun setting in my front yard after it rained, again. I think we are in the late afternoon summer shower season. And yes, we are in a drought. I have heard it's the worst in recorded history, since the late 1800's. (True) And yes I can hear you "oohing and ahhing" over my spectacular landscaping. Would that be a "Yard of the Month" sign over there? not even close.

The third pic is Rowan in her uniform (pink bathing suit) on the steps with her parasol in the rain. Yes, I let her play in the rain when it is 90+ degrees outside. No, she won't get pneumonia doing this. She doesn't stay still long enough for the germs to attach to her body.

Tomorrow I am thinking of putting together my feelings about strollers...

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