Sunday, September 13, 2009

You Are LAZY...That's right. You heard me. No matter what your job is you aren't working nearly as hard as Dick Proenneke worked.

If you watched the video (I know it's long) then you know I'm right. This guy went into the wilds of Alaska at the age of 51 planning to stay for a year. He ended up staying 30, 3-0, thirty years people. At 51 we'll be looking at our 401k's worrying if we have enough. This guy was off starting a new life.

The reason he stayed for 30 years is because they finally had to come and drag him off, otherwise he would have stayed longer. He's not the only guy who did this to himself either. When we visited Yosemite there was the story of the guy who was the caretaker of the Giant Sequoias. He went out there because his doctor told him he had like 6 months to live. Twenty-five years later he quit giving tours.

This got me thinking. There is obviously some "fountain of youth" mystery going on in the western/northwestern United States. There's one catch: you have to become a forest hermit. This is not as easy as it sounds. Seems that there is a lot of planning involved. I found this site interesting. But mostly you don't want to end up like Alexander Supertramp. Into the Wild is a good movie to watch, too.

So if you are someone who likes to plan for the Apocalypse or becoming a hermit, then you should get ahold of Alone in the Wilderness or watch all the clips. It's a great How-To-Survive video and will make you feel lousy for ever wanting to take naps.

Tomorrow I will go off to work with renewed zeal and will think twice before whining! <--Big Fat Lie!

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  1. I watched the 6 part series and loved it! I am soooo lazy compared to Dick P. I will stop complaining about the long traffic light on my way to our local grocery store and will think of him every time i turn up the heat in our house when the inside temp reads 68 degrees. I think our low temp last winter was 31 degrees:) I will also remember his handmade chimney and log splitting when i buy a 6 pack of duraflame. And his refridgerator, there wasn't much room for dasani water bottles and activa yogurt. Much to think about!