Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sleepy Sundays

Some days there's only a few little things to write about. It's now considered "Fall." Even though the temperature is still pretty warm we find that we act like it's cooler. Maybe it's just for the want of change. I wonder if people in tropical climates have some sort of inner clock of seasons? For a nice smell of fall I like this Lumberjack soap made by Fleegal Farms. It's an all natural soap made in Austin. It's scented with fir, cedar, cinnamon, anise and sweet birch oils. The ingredients are distilled water, saponified oils of olive, palm kernel, palm , essential oils, and botanical and natural pigments. It smells like the forest!

I was on my way home from the store when I saw a yard sale sign. This is great news because it's the middle of the day and the Cowboys are playing today. This means people aren't out and about. The reason I like going to yard sales is you get to use your imagination. You can see things for what they are...or what they could be. Today's find was an 'i don't know.' Meaning the price was right, I like the color, and could become a variety of things. Would it hold buttons or paperclips? Maybe a candle holder? Soap dish, jewelry, cotton balls, etc, etc. Finally, it became a modest single serving soup bowl. Or in this case chili bowl. This is what I mean by sometimes things become something different or they are what they are. This is a great bowl because I love the color. It's small so I'm not pigging out. And I read the bottom and it's made in China. Who can't love that!

Here is the result. A nice non-pigging out bowl of chili for a great "fall" day.

And finally...for something fun to watch. Tune in to The Guild. It's about the adventures of a group of socially inept online gamers. The episodes are really short, like 4 minutes. Hope you like it!

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  1. If you weren't there to support the chinese I think they would all starve:( YOU are MY hero and the chinese are grateful too. Oh wait... you are buying second hand chinese products, so the money goes to an American, oh, so sorry! That Lumberjack soap looks too good...hmmmm.....