Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Shopping Day!!!

Well, Rowan has done a remarkable recovery. This morning she was playing but still saying, "oh I'm sick. la lalalalala la" So I did what any good parent who wants their child to go to school does...I bribed her. Yep, "if you go to school I'll get you a Dora doll." Worked like a charm. And it's not like they are going to make her do manual labor, it's preschool. So if she felt sick I would go get her. I did feel she was getting out of her routine and it really was the best thing for her. She did make it through the day and came bounding off the bus and she got her Dora doll.

While Rowan was at school doing trigonometry I got to go shopping! For those of you who know me this is a big production. Studying sales and gathering coupons. This is a picture of the view from my cart/tank when I first start. I need a drink and a snack because I'm going to be there awhile. Jace has learned to not ask too many
questions about it. It's not good for his sanity. There's not much to say when I bring home 8 boxes of waffles. Or 21 cans of Pringles. Just go with the flow. I did manage to score a Ni Hao Kai-Lan hot food thermos for half price which made me dance a little. Now I can send Rowan with hot food for lunch on cold days. Another big score was a suit I got for Jace for $21. You read that right..$21 buckaroos. Since he wears suits twice a week this is a great find.

My next stop was second hand shopping. I think I did pretty good today. Got a glass platter, a red Cold Water Creek skirt, new snow mittens, some Easy Spirit cold weather dress shoes, and a wire basket with bees on both sides.

I got the bee basket to use outside as a planter. It has a fine wire mesh that keeps the dirt in. Thought it would add some "character."

Jace says we are getting some mulch next week. Somehow he has finagled a whole truck load of mulch for free, but we have to take the whole truck load. We have plenty of land but it makes me wonder how big the truck is. There might be some extra mulch up for grabs. I'll let ya know.

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