Monday, September 7, 2009

"Best Friend"... This is our newest pet. Jace, thank you IMPULSE SHOPPER, bought this for Rowan. And you know how responsible, not, 3 yr olds are. This is a poor Beta fish that will be sacrificed in some horrible way I'm sure. She has said this is a 'girl' fish and has named it 'Best Friend.' We have encouraged her not to be like Darla from Finding Nemo. I really don't have a lot of hope for this fish. I'll let you know when the funeral is.

This was our big adventure for today. We went to The Natural Gardener in Austin. It's cool that they have all these red wagons to use. I really like how Rowan looks like a little old lady with her purse.

This was my favorite sign. We didn't end up with a puppy or a psychotic kid on espresso.

I bought a salvia plant. I found this large group of salvia at my public library. This is what it should look like in my yard but I only bought one so it won't...Let's see, what else did we buy?? Oh yeah, 3 plumbago, 2 lavender, 2 rosemary, and 1 purple grass thing. We did learn a lot. We'll have a plan for some flower beds. We'll need more plants but I think we'll have to wait for most until next spring. I'd like to try the drip irrigation. Most of all we need to get dirt and decomposing granite. I could also use a gardener because this is hard work!

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