Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hole in the Wall...

Today was not going according to plan. Lightning and thunder all night. I thought "well, once Rowan is off to school then I'll go back to bed.." (That's right kids, while you're at school we're sleeping in)

Then...Jace walks in the door. He's supposed to be working all day. Oh God, did he lose his job? No, his computer has a virus and must be taken to the main office. "Julie, don't you want to go with me???" Oh, all right.

Leaving the house I remember is having 90% off today! How can I get a gift certificate that we can use. Think, think, think. Wonder Twin powers activate. Form of cell phone texting. Jace suggests we go to the library and use their computer and print one out there. I'm texting people asking what restaurants are close by. Go through the whole process and get the gift certificate won't print at the library. Why? Because they must have some sort of web of security on their computers so you don't do anything shady, like print out certificates to restaurants. Drat!

I'm still thinking. Just invite someone to lunch and see if they'll print it for me. We'll treat them to lunch and we'll only pay $1 for the certificate. It sounds so perfect if only it will work! Arrggh... Apparently it takes a little while to process the order and we will have to wait. Deflate balloon here.

Well, we couldn't find the restaurant anyway, so we end up here. This is La Casita at 1519 W. Anderson Ln. in Austin, Tx. I had no idea I would be doing a restaurant review today. So here's the pic of the interior. Flourescent orange, blue, and yellow. Comfy seats. Big t.v. playing Spanish club music videos. Requisite neon beer sign. Artwork of Japanese houses, African woman, and Spanish church all hung right next to each other.

This is the "view" from our table. They are really looking out for our safety. You can buy a car for under $3000 across the street "cash." And next door is a Persian rug store.

If you haven't spent your life trying out different TexMex restaurants you might think this is a disaster. But if you have spent your life trying them, then you know this is like the Perfect Storm. All these elements have to come together to create the ever ellusive eatery known as "The Hole In The Wall" restaurant.

You've had these conversations before. "Where did you eat? Oh just some little hole in the wall." "It's just some hole in the wall but they have the best food." And by best food, you mean cholesterol. Your food comes on a plate the size of a hub cap and is nothing but grease, cheese and refried beans.

The food was great. The waitresses were very nice. The bill was typical. And I would eat there again.

Eventually we did find the restaurant we were looking for in the first place, but by then we were talking about how it was nap time and we really should get some sleep before Rowan got home.

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  1. Great review! Don't you just hate it when nap time is interupted.