Thursday, September 17, 2009

Do-Gooder Day...

I have to give a little background so this post will sound very exciting. I visited a woman with cancer and her husband left her because he is a lousy jerk !@##$$%%^^&&*!! Since I do all this strategic (crazy) shopping we have lots to give. So I took her 5 bags of groceries. And now my 7 boxes of waffles will fit in the freezer.

My second stop was this place --->>> The San Marcos Animal Shelter Adoption Center. Fun place to hang around and see puppies and kitties. I had 5 bags of dog food to give them. But that is because my dog is a snob and wouldn't eat this food that his master had so lovingly hunted and killed at Target. Bad dog! People who work in shelters always have a pensive worried look when you first walk in. Their faces really brighten up when you give them free stuff. Animal shelters are a Julie Endorsed shelter. This means the food/money/time you give is probably not fattening up someone else's pocket.

So now that I did allll these good deeds it's time to go shopping! Mon Ami! What is this? It's a penny from God. When I got out of my car there it was just waiting for me. Let's not talk about how it's probably covered with Swine Flu.

This is one of a few great finds today. 26 Ghirardeli chocolate bars ooh la la. They're the big ones, too. Found them clearanced priced for .65ea. AND I had a store coupon for $1 off 2. Which came to a whopping cost of .15ea. And I'm going to share them with my friends. It's all those waffles! I don'have room. At Target I found some stickers and notebooks for 75% off. I did a great deal on some Kid Essential drinks (?). I think these are like 'old geezer Boost' but for kids. It's priced like 8.99. I got 2. I had a $2Target Q, a $5 Q, and Buy One Get One Q. So instead of paying 17.98 I paid $1.99. Hence, the whole story at the top of the post.

And finally since my day was sooo good and God loves me, He gave me this last awesome pic. I was throwing some fish sticks in the oven for a snack and turned around and Bam! Is this not the most perfect/funny picture? I told Best Friend (fish's name), "your days are numbered. see what happened to all your friends?" Oh I just laughed and laughed. is good..

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  1. I have plenty of both tartar and coctail sauce. What time do we eat?