Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I couldn't think up anything more clever for a title. Today is a rainy stay indoors kind of day. A cool front is blowing in and making me say, "This is why I'm not worried about a drought." I took a pic yesterday of the November Watermelon. (that's it's nickname) It has a total of 4 watermelons but looks like 1 for sure and 2 smaller maybe's. It's a happy plant with all the rain.

I took a picture of some bananas...hmm..oh yes, to show what I do with bananas when they start to turn (towards the trash can if I don't stop Jace). I put them in a ziploc and throw them in the freezer. Later we use them in smoothies and use the banana peels on ant bites. Pictures never really do justice to what you're seeing. This...mulch is easily the size of my car. It's fresh from a tree chipper/shredder(?) from a company named Asplundh. This name always makes me laugh and I don't know why. Just sounds funny. Say I'm easily amused.

O.k. so you know the shopping thing...Well, this is a freakin stellar deal I got yesterday. I paid $5.75. There are 21 bottles of polish (18 were free) and 8 jars of peanut butter! Muahahaha! You'd think we were going to go hibernate at a spa for the winter. I'm typing with some sort of frosty pink on my nails right now. And don't wag your finger at me "you don't need all that polish." Well, meany pants I sent some with Jace to his work to give away. And then some will go to the women's shelter. (women's shelters are a Julie Endorsed charity) But the peanut butter stays here. Rowan lives here so we need peanut butter.

I've been digging around some old boxes since we've lived here almost 2 years and still have yet to unpack everything. I found this sign and hung it up today. Jace says, "You should label rooms you don't go in much so you don't forget what they're for." Hardy har har Mr. Funny. I'm going to go put a label on the toilet brush for him since he's probably forgotten what that's for! Hmmpphh!

Recently I have been thinking of ways to reuse things partly because it's the green thing to do but also to see if I can cut down on the amount of trash we're sending out. So my idea for this was to cut it in half length wise and use it for a seedling tray. I also talked to Jace about starting a compost which he thinks is a good idea, what with all the gardening. However, he threw away the first contribution, coffee grounds, this morning. This idea may take a little while to catch on. I still need to research a little. I remember my Dad had one when I was growing up but I didn't pay much attention to it. I just thought it was the gross place in the backyard where Dad threw rotten tomatos. And I'm not sure if this is a great idea for out in the country with deer and...dinosaurs... I don't want to attract too much interesting wildlife.

This is the half final result. I used a pot maker from Craftiness (which she "claims" is not for sale). It makes little seedling pots out of newspaper so they are degradable. My little tray fits 12 perfectly. If I'm not overwatering then I shouldn't have any problems with the tray getting soaked.

The rest of my day today I'm going to sort through junk mail, drink hot chocolate, and put together a decorating idea binder. It's actually starting as a binder for cooking/decorating. I do this because it's fall and my instincts make me nest or "cozy" up the house and look for yummy soup recipes. In the spring I will say, "why do I have so much crap everywhere? It's all going! Garage sale!"

So I'm wishing you all a happy day and I hope you find something to laugh about.

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