Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sick Sick Sick

Originally I wanted to write something for my friend who is sick. I got busy and didn't make it back and now I am sick, too. I wanted to do a self-interview which I have seen on another blog and is fun to read. I will play the part of interviewer and interviewee...

I: I hear you are sick. What do you think you have?

J: I know it's not the flu because I'm in denial. It hurts all over and I have suspicions that I may have been beaten with a stick while I was sleeping.

I: What's the highest fever you have had?

J: 102.7. And I felt like I was starting to have halucinations.

I: Why are you up right now?

J: I slept all day on and off and now I'm awake. I'm beginning to feel sleepy again.

I: Is Jace a good nurse?

J: Yes, he got me almost everything I wanted. He also spent some time talking with me. But I remember him giving me a funny look and saying, "ok, I'm just going to go out here." Something about mixing up the words Tylenol and ice cream.

I: Do you think you'll be sick long?

J: I hope not but it needs to be longer than my friend. I'm playing an "I'm sicker than you" game with her. My next statement will be something like, "I used to be this sick and have to walk 15 miles in the snow through lava."

I: What are your favorite items when you're sick?

J: I have to have either tomato soup or spaghetti-o's with meatballs. I also have to have a thermometer. I'm kind of obsessive about checking my temperature.

I: Do you do anything weird when you're sick?

J: I dress funny. I have my bathrobe on backwards like a Snuggie. I also have a "sick nightgown." I've had it for about a 100 years and I only wear it when I'm sick. It looks like an old cotton granny gown.

This is about all I can muster up for a post today. I just wanted to let you know where I had been. If I don't feel better soon I will have to get some leeches and do blood-letting.

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