Saturday, September 5, 2009


Jace has figured out that if he says something funny and clever it will probably end up here. It can get quite comical with him "performing" to see if something catches my interest. A little flattering.

Last year we went to the Celtic Festival and had a great time. We were torn between the Celtic Festival and Wurst Fest. We had been to Wurst Fest so we decided to try the Celtic Festival. We had such a good time that we probably won't go to Wurst Fest again. Wurst Fest has an incredibly large number of German people drinking beer, as opposed to an incredibly large number of people of Celtic descent drinking beer. The Wurst Fest has many booths of German food like turkey legs, funnel cakes, and candy apples. The Celtic Festival has many original Celtic foods like turkey legs, funnel cakes, and candy apples. Actually I tried Kettle Corn and it was like eating a box of cereal. It was so YUMMY! I can't wait to go back and get some more. Jace says, "well, kettle corn was a natural staple of the Viking and they used candy apples to sharpen there swords on." (<--funny comment mentioned earlier) The Wurst Fest has great music usually to the beat and sound of "oompa oompa oompa." The Celtic Festival...well, what can I say. I'm a huge fan of Celtic music and Irish, Scottish, etceteraish music. Learning opportunities at Wurst Fest include drinking beer, drinking beer, and drinking beer oompa oompa oompa. At the Celtic Festival they have people walking around in period costumes, like Roman and Gaelic culture. I'm of Germanic descent and learned that Germania was the most feared by Romans because of the people's terrifying nature (is that where I get my temper?) There is also craft/tool making, celtic dancing lessons, battle reenactments, and did I mention Kettle Corn!!! Lastly, they had a very nice number of booths to shop for souvenirs and it pretty much fit into Celtic culture of some sort. (i.e. no ninja swords or pinatas)

So if you get a chance to make a festival this fall, try the Celtic Festival. I'll be there! (I'll be the one with the HUGE bag of Kettle Corn!!!)

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