Friday, March 1, 2013

My 200th Post!

There is no doubt Spring is here.  Today is, in fact, exceptionally beautiful.  I should be outside in the garden, but I'm suffering from blogger's guilt.  The knowing I have had lots to blog about but haven't had the time.  I find it a small wonder how those daily bloggers can get it done. 

For my 200th post I thought I would write about the garden since it's the most time consuming.  Also a big thank you for sticking around to see my 200th post. 

This seems to happen a lot.  I dig a hole to plant something, turn my head, and there's one of these in the hole when I turn back.  They are very hard to get rid of, have very tenacious roots, and sharp thorns.  They tend to pop out and "attack" when you least suspect it.

The husband is feeling in a building mood and decided we should have a garden shed actually in the garden.  The door was acquired at a Habitat for Humanity store for $25 and the front is glass.  I suggest you visit this store in case you're looking for building materials or other salvaged items.  Lots of interesting doors, cabinets, doorknobs, etc.  Jace says the roof will be fitted for catching rainwater.  Pretty cool.

Here is my corn coming up.  I've had to lay chicken wire over the beds to keep the cats from thinking they are litter boxes.  This stuff is pretty cheap and I can make cutouts with just plain scissors.  No heavy duty tools needed.  Once the corn is 6 inches tall I'll alternate planting squash and beans.  This is the 3 sisters idea.  The squash will grow and spread across the ground keeping weeds out and the beans will grow up the corn plants and provide nitrogen back to the ground, which corn loves.  It's my first time trying this.  Currently I have a 4 foot by 4 foot bed with 16 corn plants growing.

In the back yard Rowan has planted a few things.  They have survived the few cold spells and have a great early start.  This is her giant sunflower.  It should start growing in leaps and bounds within a few weeks.  These flowers are great because they grow so fast and tall you could swear you can actually see it growing.  It's a great plant for kids who want to see big results.

Here she planted pumpkin...I think.  There's 2 plants and besides a few breaks on a couple leaves from the wind it's in great shape.  Another early start that should give good results. 

This is my onion bed.  Or one of my onion beds.  This one is a direct sown set of onions.  I buy these at the garden center.  I have a piece of extra metal fencing laid down because of cats.  This fencing also makes a great grid for planting the onions.  About 50 come in a set.  I love these because they grow easily and I can pretty much forget them.  I'll leave most of them and in the fall they will be baseball/softball size onions.  

The lemon tree and nectarine tree still look pretty strong.  I have doubts about the lemon tree making it and wish I had planted it in a semi shade spot.  I forgot all about the rose bush Rowan bought me and have ignored it good and proper.  This is probably a good thing since it is thriving happily without my nuturing love.

Well, that pretty much wraps up our garden for today.  I hope you have a great day in your garden and if you have any lemon tree tips, send them my way.

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