Friday, March 15, 2013

Garlic, Sage, and Chard

I decided to make this easy sounding recipe in the crockpot.  It called for some cloves of garlic.  One clove of garlic had a green tip growing.  I can plant this!  I looked it up on SuperduperGoogle.  Easy peasy.

I let it soak in some water while I went out to town for a bit.  Ok, for awhile because I was at the garden center...again.  When I got back home I planted it 2 inches deep with the green sticking up.  We'll see if it works. 

At the garden center I found this strange plant.  It's sage with variegated coloring.  I'm not particularly good at growing herbs but I'll give anything a try.  I found the salvia plants I wanted.  I planted 5 salvia plants along the fence line.  I also picked up some Mexican heather for the husband.  I also am continuing my obsession with tomato plants.  There's always that one vegetable or fruit I can't get enough of.

Here's a cute little guy volunteering in the garden.  The yard has mostly prickly pear cactus.  This is the only cactus of this variety I've seen.  I'm not sure what the little white puffs are.  Probably spiders...sigh.

I decided to take a few leaves of the chard.  I gave them to the rabbits who get very excited and act like a woman getting chocolate. 

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