Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Death and Destruction

Disaster hit last night.  I feel a little sullen about it.  It's the chance one takes with early Spring gardening.  The late freeze.  Not everything was killed, but enough that I will have to sow some more seeds. 

Eggplant.  50-100% killed.

Beans and corn.  30-60% killed.

Cucumber.  Under 20% killed.

Tomatoes were also 50% killed.  Luckily beans grow very fast.  The tomatoes I will just rebuy some new plants.

I haven't posted a pic of Onslo in a long time.  He's still dumb because he keeps eating dirt.  There's just something about new dirt he can't resist.  He's gross.  He's still a good little guard dog.

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