Thursday, March 14, 2013

Seed Blitz

Today the little one asked if we could plant some seeds.  Sure!  Let me drag out all the seeds and let's go plant them all...everywhere.  Let's not label anything either.  I like a nice surprise.  We also planted some experiments.  Ever wonder what you get when you plant beans and watermelon seeds in the same hole?  Us too. 

An unfortunate part of the landscape is having to cage everything in so the cats can't dig and pee all over it.

The onions I recently planted are looking very happy.  The green part is thick and firm to the touch, which means they are settling into their new home nicely.  

 Also in prison is this huge Swiss chard plant.  It's been around for a couple of seasons.  It likes to mock the cats. 

I found a small bunch of spinach growing which I didn't plant.  There always seem to be some surprise volunteers in unexpected places.

I really hope this bed turns out well.  I took all my variety of greens and fennel seeds and mixed them all up and then planted my rows.  I'm hoping it will grow with a variety of color and texture.  

I had been racking my brain trying to figure out what to plant along the fence line.  I want something pretty that grows well and the deer won't eat.  I walked by this bush in our yard so many times.  If only I could find something that grows huge and the deer won't eat.  Hmm.  Gosh, I wish this really huge deer resistant bush would stop getting in my way.  Oh!  I'll be buying some more of these soon.  It's a Salvia bush.  It also attracts humming birds.  I'm sure the cats will like that except humming birds are insanely fast and they like to fly around very early.  

The little one has been practicing with her bow and arrow.  I'm no expert but I would say I'd better like the taste of cardboard if I ever have to rely on her for hunting food.  She also shot a cactus.  Getting the arrow out taught her she should think things through or she might be getting herself into a prickly situation.

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