Friday, March 22, 2013

Beans, Squash, Waffles, and Ding Dongs

I wish the title implied this was a better post.  I was finally down for the count yesterday with, hopefully, the last of the Winter illnesses/colds.  I didn't work on anything and slept most of the day

A few days ago I had planted beans and squash with the corn and those are starting to come up.  I kept real careful records and don't know which ones are beans and which ones are squash.  I do remember they are beans and squash...with corn.  Yep. 

The lovely Mr. Man got me a present.  We had talked about how I have never had a waffle iron and wanted one but never remembered when I was at the store.  We would have bought one on Amazon because we're lazy, but it's cheaper at the store.  Mr. Man broke down and bought me one from the store.  It wasn't too hard to learn to use and by the 4th waffle I was a pro. 

Have you ever found yourself calling someone a ding dong?  "Oh you silly dingdong!"  It turns out there is an actual person named Ding Dong.  Ding Dong Feng to be exact. They live in Beijing, China. Who knew?


  1. Hi,

    do you still have the contact for the seller named Ding dong? He sent me an item which I did not order and I would like to contact him.


  2. Lol, here you go , Ding Dong Feng, Wanhonglu No 5, Beijing , China.

  3. Lol, here you go , Ding Dong Feng, Wanhonglu No 5, Beijing , China.

  4. I received a coin from Mr. ding dong... I have no idea why... does anyone else have any idea why gifts are arriving from mr. ding dong for no reason?

  5. I got a package from Mr. Dong too. Does anyone know why?