Sunday, March 17, 2013


Last Friday the little one and I had some serious shopping to do, I mean really serious.  There was a princess party and she needed a real princess dress.  Where else to go but the Disney Store.  Once there I was sooo incredibly lucky because she found the dress she wanted right away.  (Disney, you need to have a dressing room since I'm spending this much for a dress.)  I had a coupon for 20% off and we made it out of the store ALIVE! 

Now I'm not opposed to shopping.  Though I hate the traffic I like going to different stores and seeing all the new things out there.  This is also where I have a problem:  new things.  A lot of things I see aren't really new.  A lot of stores I see are regurgitating the same tired things year after year.  There are certain stores I can't stand to go in anymore because there's simply nothing new and the quality is becoming subpar.  The husband likes to go to Old Navy but this is one of the stores I no longer like because of quality and boredom. 

I had also received a coupon in the mail for 50% off at Maurice's.  Now that's a coupon I can like.  It was also by the Disney Store.  This store has a wide array of sizes and is crammed full of stuff.  The helpful store manager told me how the store was organized and I went off looking for something to use my coupon on.


While I was looking around the little one and the manager conspired against me and got me to try things on.  The dressing room was great!  It had this little couch and I wanted to get some tea and a book and just stay in there.  

In the end they convinced me I needed this lace edged camisole top and these capri jeans with a very sparkly behind.  How cool are those going to look in the garden?!  I also got some new sandals.  (Warning:  Only slender feet will fit into their sandals.)  

My bill was like $2 because of all the coupons and promotions.  I couldn't even keep them straight.  I'll get something in the mail, and email, and the end of the month, and once a year, twice if it's a odd number year, and on and on and on.  I can also stack them all on top of the store's regular sale.  So they should be paying me to take clothes out of their store.   

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