Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I Love Spring!

I just love Spring for all the wonderful surprises it brings.  It brings them everyday, too.  I can't think of another season which things change so rapidly.  Can you?

The lifeless and boring lavender has woke up and is getting fuller and now wants to flower.

The little one planted these.  She has an amazing green thumb with sunflowers.  If they grow to their intended height we will surely be the envy of the neighborhood, with many 10 foot tall sunflowers around the property.

Oh alien flower, what are thou?  You have raised your majestic and strange head.  We will know you soon.

I'm having some great results with fennel.  I've never grown it before.  It sort of wintered over before growing bigger.  The deer don't seem to like it.  I shall plant it everywhere.

Bronze tipped lettuces are yummy though they tend to look like they are turning brown and dying. 

I like this lettuce for it's shape, not necessarily it's taste. 

Aha!  You are a Poppy, little alien flower.  I'm so glad I didn't dig up all your friends.  Now we will have lots of Poppies blooming.

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