Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Applejack and The Alien Plant

The other day I finally got something I've wanted forever, a riding lawn mower.  You'll notice it's already dusty and dirty from all the mowing I've done.  It's a little like riding one of those kiddie roller coasters.  It didn't shorten my mow time but I'm a LOT less tired.  It even has a drink holder.  Wooooo.  Fanceee.  Another feature is to disengage the blade and use it for hauling your really big wagon around and looking like a hot shot.  Or letting your 7 year old steer it and growing some more gray hair.  The 7 year old named it Applejack.  I wanted to name it Legshredder or Catscrambler.  Oh well.

Here's my usual garden helper.  No, no pay attention to ME, not that stupid mower.  You haven't pet me in like the last 5 seconds.

I am growing some kind of alien plant.  I say this because I have no idea what it is and there seems to be a lot of them scattered around the property.  Last fall I did scatter some poppy flower seeds.  Is this them?  No idea.  It reminds me of the plant in Little Shop of Horrors.  I can't wait till it blooms to see just what it is.

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