Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Apple Tree

Nooo you can't go into the garden.  You must stay with meee and pay attention to meee and pet meee.  Yes kitteh, I know you're there.  Really, I must do all this work now and when I rest you will sit on my lap and tell me about all the injustice you have suffered.

I'm currently working on a post about my cucumbers but for now I will post about other things I'm doing.  In the back garden I have this lovely statue.  Well, she used to be lovely.  I'm not quite sure of the hardships she must have suffered because she's now missing an arm and her head fell off.  She's still smiling and it becomes sort of quirky and silly.  I'll leave her there.  She's keeping some onions company.

This shed is almost done.  It needs to be painted.  In the meantime I worked on this spot to give it a little happy color.  I planted Mexican Heather and petunias.  Even though it gets so horribly hot, I planted these due to the position of the shed.  At just after noon the shed starts to create shade and shields these plants.  I'm also going to use the shed shade to help grow my cucumbers.  Anyone else use this strategy?

I wanted to plant an apple tree this year.  So far we have a nectarine tree and a lemon tree.  The little one and I made a pilgrimage to the store and got this Fuji apple tree.  I planted it pretty easily and then read the tag.  It needs a pollinator.  This means it needs another apple tree to be able to pollinate and make baby apples.  We'll be going back to the store today.  The tag says a Golden Delicious apple tree is a good match.  I like those apples, too, so I guess that's what I'll get.  But that's it!  No more fruit trees this year! 

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