Friday, March 22, 2013

Final Planting Day

I slugged through today as best I could.  Still getting over the plague and all.  I was up and out in the garden around 7 this morning.  It looks like we got a little more rain.  The lemon tree looks like it will stick around for a little longer.  I can relax a bit because the lemon tree and nectarine are still alive after one month of my nuturing care.  We'll just see how those apple trees feel about it.  So far the Fuji apple tree seems happy and is blooming.  The Golden Dorsett apple tree looks like it's happy being a stick.

Whoa!  Look at those beans.  The instructions said to plant beans and squash once the corn was six inches tall.  This is two days of growth for the beans.  I think they are going to overtake the corn.  I had some old tomato cages sitting around so I put one around each bean plant.  I'm not worried about the squash since it should spread across the ground. 

The eggplant is planted.  There's actually 2 eggplants.  I'm not a big eggplant eater.  I like the color.  I pulled that pesky leaf out from under the wire and fixed it so it can't try to hide under it again.  

I planted it in this bed I just threw together yesterday.  I'm not sure it will work but I wanted to try.  I used 2.25 plain fence boards from the store.  The boards are 8 feet long.  I used 2 for the long sides and cut one board into 2 foot sections.  I used 2 of those for the ends.  I had some extra 2x4 pieces laying around.  I used those for the corners and put together using 2 inch screws.

The last of the tomatoes are planted.  Please, please, please let them grow.  I love tomatoes.

Here is the last of the cucumber project.  I'll take a full pic once they start growing up the lattice.  I really wanted to be done with planting today even though I was a little wary about planting these today.  While putting them in their hole I noticed they had a nice root system already.  I hope I get to make pickles.

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