Monday, February 11, 2013

Banana Pudding

Today has been rainy so I'm not able to get out in the garden like I want.  I decided I would try to make pudding for the first time.  I found a recipe at Deep South Dish.  I used the recipe here:  Homemade Southern Banana Pudding.   It looked yummy and the recipe didn't seem too complicated.

After cooking it on the stove till it thickened up, I layered it with bananas and vanilla wafers.  I made a sad attempt to make meringue.  I didn't watch the tutorial and if I had it would have helped.  I know better for next time. 

Despite some flat meringue it all came out tasting wonderful.  I was happy with how it layered up and ate some immediately after it was done. 

I sent a pic to Jace who will most likely come home from work early because it's his favorite.  This recipe is a keeper.

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