Sunday, February 3, 2013

Bamboo Yarn and Passport Purgatory

I made another pair of tipless gloves for myself out of bamboo yarn.  I think this is my favorite yarn.  The finished result is softer than any other yarn I have worked with.  These gloves are also much warmer than I expected.  I'm making another pair for a gift and then a last pair for someone who wants to buy them.  Then I think I will be sick of making them for awhile.  I bought the yarn at Hobby Lobby, so it should be available at other craft/yarn stores. 

We are currently working on getting our passports.  This has turned into so much fun...  It turns out I thought I had the little one's birth certificate but I only had an abstract.  An abstract is basically worthless.  It's a statement on fancy paper that certifies that there is a record in that county, but it's not the actual record.  So I go to get the actual birth certificate and find out 2 letters in one of the names are mixed up.  The passport office says this will most likely cause a problem.  Now we have to go to the capitol city and get an amendment done for her birth certificate.  The state agency lady sounded pretty disgusted with me that I haven't ever gotten a birth certificate for her even though she is now 7.  Except I did, or thought I did with the whole abstract thing.  Sigh.  Even better, I don't have a birth certificate.  Yep, somehow I have made it throughout my whole life without ever needing one.  It seems just showing the certificate from the hospital was good enough.  And of course we'll need it to make the amendment on our daughter's certificate.  Wonderfully complicated.  I have ordered mine and we are patiently waiting for it.  The passport office assures us we have plenty of time and there is no need to worry.  Ha ha.  My tip:  One of the biggest favors you can do for your kid and yourself/family is to get/make sure you have long form birth certificates even if you don't need them now.  It will save you many headaches later.

Hope you have a great day!

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