Sunday, January 3, 2010

Whiling away my Sunday

I'm not even sure that whiling is an actual word. Being from Texas means I can get away with making up hick words and saying hick things like y'all and tump over.

Today we went to IHOP and sat in a very claustrophobic restaurant and ate smiley faced pancakes and omelettes. Now we'll spend the rest of the day whiling away the hours doing odds and ends.

I'll get my coupons in order. I bought 2 newspapers this time. We'll do some housework which can be soothing sometimes as it brings order to one's life. Don't worry we won't get crazy with it.

We let Rowan play around with the camera and these are some photos she took or wanted taken. This one is her and her ole Pa. Notice her stomach hanging out of her Hello Kitty shirt.
This one she took. Even though it's blurry I really like it. Even though Rowan can be a pain, and I'm allowed to say that because she's too young to know I'm writing this, this is basically how we feel when we're all together and she's around. Just plain happy. Content.
And this one is Rowan looking at the camera and pressing the button saying something like, "press it like this?" Yes, Rowan, just like that.
And this is a picture of the lamp she took. It's actually very artistic. Good placement and the lighting is very good. Duh. It's a lamp.
And now for all those thinking how cute Rowan is. This is a picture of what she has done today before noon. Real cute. Somehow she managed to squirt orange paint 10+ feet across the island and into the open dishwasher. So much for whiling away the hours.

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  1. Love the new look of your blog! Rowan and Jace look great together too! That picture of the lamp is great- very arty indeed.