Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Shopping Secrets

Recently I was asked if I posted any of my shopping deals on here. I haven’t because sometimes it’s a real labor to type it all out. I did a little shopping yesterday and I’ll go through and list what I got and some little tricks of the trade. These can also be found at CouponMom. You don’t have to be completely immersed into it to save money. Even tiny adjustments will have big rewards.

Here’s what I did at CVS:
6- 12 packs of Pepsi for $20.
I used $18 in Extra Bucks and paid $2.17 out of pocket. I saved $27.94. 93%. I received $10 in Extra Bucks. Extra Bucks is like cash back for buying specified things. They are good for about a month so you can accumulate them and use them little by little or in bulk. I get a lot of free stuff this way.

1- ROC age diminishing cream clearance priced $7.50-$3.00 coupon.
1- Aveeno Body Wash clearance $3.75-$2 coupon.
2- Glade Fabric and Air freshener $3.99ea-(2) $2.00 coupons. Received $6 Extra Bucks
2- Veet gel cream clearance $2.75ea
2- Duracell Batteries $2.99 ea-(2) $.75 coupons
1- Bubble lip smacker pink strawberry $5.99
I also used a $9 Extra Buck and the previous $10 Extra Buck. My out of pocket was $11.04. My savings was $48.21. 81%

At Target:
Clearance priced clothes. They beat the pants off of Walmart for clearance prices. I almost always pick up items for $2 and $3. You can also stack a Target coupon and a manufacturer coupon. Target coupons can be found at at the bottom of the page as “Grocery Coupons.” Just check off the ones you want and print.

1- Gatorade G2 $.96-$.50 coupon
1- Purina Cat Chow $3.99-$1 Target Coupon & $1 manufacturer coupon
6- Purina canned dog food $.99ea-(3) Buy one get one free coupons
2- Cat Treats $1.49ea-$1 Target coupon and a Buy one get one free manufacturer coupon
1- Dog Treat $2.99-$1 Target coupon and $1 manufacturer coupon
2- Cat appetizers $1.27ea-$1 Target coupon and Buy one get one free manufacturer coupon
1- Prilosec $10.49-$3 coupon. This is now cheaper than the store brand version.
Some other odds and ends. My total was $44.81 and I saved $28.27. 39%

This whole saving process takes only as much time as you can put into it. If you read through this whole post then you are already ten times more educated than someone who doesn’t use coupons. I’ll be going to a couple of stores today and I’ll report back what I get.

Write if you have any questions about this or other shopping questions.

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  1. I completely agree that you do not need to be completely immersed in couponing to reap huge rewards. When I'm short on time and/or coupons, I'll go to the dollar sales at Rite Aid and still feel like I saved a ton

    When I was really into CouponMom, I felt great if I saved 30% at first, and three months later, like a failure if I only saved 50%. I saw a thread recently that said people are depressed if they get anything that's not free. :O So's good to be happy with ANY savings every now and then. :)