Sunday, January 24, 2010

Another brilliant idea...

I wanted to show y'all what went on last night...
Luckily I did not do this. We went to see some old friends who moved out of town. She was so nervous about making a good dinner that she forgot some of the bread was in the oven. Fast forward to billowing smoke and opening all the doors. Of course we didn't let it go. "You throw such memorable dinner parties. We'll never forget it." This is par for the course. Whenever we go to someone's house something always happens. Remember this in case you invite me to your's.

The kids played dress up or dress weird. This was a winner. A Barbie dress with a swimming mask and a gun holster.

Now ladies, you know you have to occasionally change things up to keep your man interested. Or so I'm told. Here's what I did today. I was walking around the house with these eyebrow waxing guide stickers. Jace was cleaning the kitchen and turned around saying, "what are you doing?" Then he decided he didn't even want to know and walked off. In his head I knew he was thinking, "she's doing something weird for the blog again. *sigh* I wonder if they have that opening at The Nut House Ranch yet?"

I had been planning this idiotic brilliant idea for the last 2 weeks. I was going to wax my eyebrows. This should be easy. I've plucked them. I can stand pain. So I melted the wax and glopped in on all over my two brows. And waited. Only took a couple minutes to work up the courage to pull fast like a bandaid. I got the right brow done. Not bad. Man it hurts. Just a hint of tears. I still have to pull off the other side and there's no going back. It has to come off but I don't want to because the first side is really stinging. I'm going to have to find some guts somewhere or I'll have a finely shaped brow and one that looks like it has the plague/fungus growing off it. So I hold my breath and rip rip rip as fast as I can before my brain has a chance to register what I'm doing. Done. Then OOOOOWWWWWW!!!!! Big pain. Nice eyebrows.

I sit here this evening eight hours later and my eyebrows still haven't forgiven me. It's a dulled pain now. I vaguely remember the box saying I could use it for the bikini area. Fat chance that is ever going to happen.

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