Thursday, January 14, 2010

Victory Not So Great

Let me start by saying if you would like to hear from people and find out how many interested readers you really have on your blog, then change your background picture. Gosh! I changed the picture to show a feeling that cannot be expressed sufficiently in words to go along with that day’s post. And boy did I hear about it! All kinds of people crawling out of the woodwork to let me know they liked the old one and definitely not that last one. So here’s the old picture back. I will warn you that it is subject to change according to my mood so please don’t get attached to it.

Moving on. I had time to do my second official jog. I am very happy to report that my warm up was 5 minutes and .18 mile. I jogged for 20 minutes and a distance of 1.08 miles!! And cooled down another 5 minutes for a complete distance of 1.44 miles. I’m amazed I achieved this so fast. Now I can quit. Kidding. I’ll stay at this pace for a little while till I feel I’m ready to increase my distance. But for now we’ll all be happy knowing that I can run a 15 minute 45 second mile.

Unfortunately, all my running glory has been overshadowed by Best Friend. Best Friend, as you recall, was Rowan’s fish. I say “was” because he sadly (finally) passed away. He had a terrible lingering plague which he was unable to recover. Ich.

Best Friend received the best treatment possible from the best health care system available. You’ll notice in the picture there’s a sign that says “F.I.C.U.” This stands for Fish Intensive Care Unit. I walked by and noticed a couple of candles burning, foolishly thinking they were just scenting the air. “They are for keeping vigil for Best Friend,” said Jace. Of course. There’s also a lamp to keep the water just the right temperature. Rowan even spent some time taking pictures of Best Friend...with the flash on. Wouldn't you get better if someone was repeatedly flashing lights in your eyes? Poor fish. Pretty much cooked under a lamp and strobe lighted to death. This is why I didn't get attached to the fish. But alas, all is now in vain.

We now have to plan a fish funeral. We’ll have a ceremony and burial in the garden later today. Not sure what we’ll say. “Best Friend was a great fish…”

I’ll keep you updated.

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