Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Studio Kitchen

The Studio Kitchen is a place I hope to visit very soon. This is another bright idea by one of my friends, that after the last bright idea I swore to myself, "no more bright ideas." But here I am dying to get over there and try it. I even kept her busy texting so I could blog this big idea first. evil knows no bounds.

From reading the website I am to show up and put together about a month's worth of dinners. All in about an hour and a half. Hmm. We'll see. They have a great menu. I'm hoping to save some money and time on cooking. I will get back to you after I have gone and give a really big biased one sided review.

The other thing that will make this outing fun is I GET TO GO TO IKEA!! My friend and I are wondering if our other friend has been there before and we're all giggly about going. And if the other friend hasn't been there, then we'll be there for hours. I need to go for research purposes. And my friend needs to go because she likes to "drool on the fabrics and small accessories." She really said this. I just want to look at furniture and compare the pics from their catalogue. But I will wear my bib just in case.

Now I'm going to text my friend and tell her I just posted this. Then I will turn off my phone and go to bed so she can't text me back.

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