Monday, October 12, 2009

Coming Back from the Dead

I'm going to start by saying "I'm sorry" it has taken so long to get back to this blog. My extended flu and then working have kept me uninterested and in a fog. Something I discovered while being an "invalid Grandma"(no offense to invalid Grandmas) is that I really like reading the paper. This picture is my paper and hot chocolate. It's such a peaceful activity on a rainy Sunday. Probably more valuable when you think about all the newspapers that are no longer printed and the list seems to grow everyday. One day this little past time will no longer be a possibility. Sure it's good for the environment, but reading off the computer isn't the same. The same goes for books. I don't think I could "curl up" with a Kindle. Trees, shmees. I want paper!

This picture is what I will call "False Hope." Why it just looks like leaves on paper on you say. But this was an experiment. I planned a lesson on Fall Things to see if Rowan could follow along. She did quite well. She gave me false hope that we could do home schooling in the future. Kids are crafty like that. Make you think you could be the absolute sculptor of their world, and then refuse to follow directions. We do know she has one very important skill...glueing objects to paper.

This was another part of the lesson. After we glued fake leaves to paper and talked about fall colors we marched around our yard and picked up leaves. Since we don't really have trees with leaves that change color we had to settle for whatever weeds she picked up. And more glueing to paper.

The next part of the assignment was Googling and looking at various pictures of fall scenery, fall clothes (a very important part), hayrides, and fall food. This week I'm hoping to continue our talk about fall and make: roasted pumpkin seeds, pumpkin pie, and caramel apples. And afterwards I'll slip into my fall fantasy of thinking we'll be able to homeschool, drink some hot chocolate and read the paper.

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