Monday, October 19, 2009

Just Blog It Already....

I thought I better put this post up because I already have another post working its' way into my head and I'd really like to get thinking about that one. Here's the pics of activities that I promised. Sorry this is such a long post with 18 pics. These pics are of me learning how to group photos together on this blog by accident. They also show Rowan making a cake from scratch (with a little help). It was a sour cream cake and we had some blueberry jam left that I wanted to use up. Made the batter and poured half in the pan and then covered with the rest of the batter. It came out really good and I gave half to the lady who gave me the jam in the first place.

This is a mountain of heaven. The second pic shows what it really is, tumbled glass for decorative touches to gardens. And this place has it cheap. It's shiny and sparkly and I can't wait to come up with some sort of design so I can go buy this stuff. Instead we bought 3/4 gravel, which is bigger than pea gravel but smaller than golf ball size. Since it rained for many many many days we have lots of muddy spots which make us tell Rowan "no you can't play outside." She's like a pig drawn to mud. Hence, the gravel is supposed to solve this problem.

Also on that day, yes this is all stuff happening in one day, I made this delicious vegetable and stuffing bake. Then it was time to do the yard. That's Jace way off mowing part of the yard. I'm on the porch supervising (taking a break). And that's my assistant supervisor in charge of mud.

I forgot to mention that earlier in the day I had to get some blood drawn for my doctor to see if my thyroid is temporarily high due to having the flu and I was still feeling run down...blah blah blah...the whole getting put on a course of steroids post. Anyway, this is where they stabbed me in the arm and gave me a boo boo. They don't even give pretty band-aids. Afterwards I went to a special place to forget all my pain and sadness. Who needs a bar when you have a row of riding mowers just waiting for you when you pull up? A place where you can reach out and touch your dreams, if only for a moment.

Feeling inspired I went home and worked on mulch island. It's pretty much done now and I have very muscular arms. Then came prezzie time! We call pressents prezzies here. Don't know why, we just do. Jace brought me home a netbook. Isn't it cute? It's like a baby puter. I took a pic next to the regular laptop so you can see. It takes a little getting used to typing. If you have big fingers it's not really going to work for you. Now Jace says it's for my couponing, tweeting, blogging, ebaying, etc. But let me tell you what it's really for. It's so he can go slay dragons or other IMAGINARY villains on the regular laptop. This way I'm not making him wait to plunder and pillage and rake in the loot. But I love him and if it means that I have to make this serious sacrifice, then I will.

My other prezzie he brought me was a new living room floor. We really need this. A few weeks ago I mentioned the carpet in such a favorable light that Jace felt equally compelled to get rid of it. Some words are very powerful. Apparently the words "flea-bag rag" are very powerful words. There's no animals running around, it's just cheap carpet that only looks good for maybe a year and it came with the house. It's really windy out here some days and we have lots of pollen allergies. I know that carpet was just retaining every plague known to man. The pics show the flea-bag rag in all its' glory, the removal down to the subfloor (where we swept up over a cup of dirt/sand/fuzz), laying of the vapor barrier, and lastly a quick pic of the finished floor as we started moving furniture back in.

Jace asked me what I thought about the new floor. I said, "if I had a profile on a dating site, instead of saying I liked to take long walks on the beach, it would say I like to take long walks on my living room floor." We have plans to put on socks and just a long sleeve shirt and underwear and pretend we're Tom Cruise in Risky Business. It's also so slippery we're betting on who will fall and break their hip first.

Whew! Finally got this post out and can now start fully developing the next one. It will be about my Dad. I think it will be a funny one...


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  2. So, where can I get ME some of them said steeroids? I would love to get all that done!! I seriously love the floor and thanks for the cake. I still need that recipe cuz hubby said he'll stick around if I make that for him once in a while, he's cute like that:P

  3. *Moderator Note* First comment was just asking for me to follow their blog and it's in German or something.

    I did say I would give you that recipe didn't I...but it's all the way across the room on the fridge...