Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Progress we've made...

I can say with full honesty that nothing like this is going on at my house. So this is good news. In case you were wondering.

So far everything is running along smoothly and boring. Or rather, all according to plan. We did the final inspection on his new place this morning. The movers called like clockwork and gave him the final price for holding his things hostage. And they will call again tomorrow when they are 45 minutes away so we have plenty of time to meet them. I also expect that all his boxes will be in perfect order and labelled. The movers will be more efficient than an atomic clock. Why? Because this is my dad's life. Completely precise and on time.

I have been making a mental notelist of quirky observations...hehehe

1. My dad is the slowest driver on the planet. Any little bump in the road makes him nervous as if he's about to lose complete control of the truck and careen off-road. His truck is only a 2-wheel drive and that would do terrible things to his gas mileage.<--this is what he is thinking. I thought a few drivers behind us were going to have strokes since we were usually driving 5 miles under the speed limit, except on that one curve where we slowed down to 25.

2. My dad thinks everyone is really interested in his life in Florida. I have seen more than one glazed over look from people today. Oddly enough no one seems to grasp the importance of how most of the old ladies at his old place loved to ride the bigger elevator to go to the dining room as opposed to riding the smaller elevator.

3. It doesn't matter how much you try to help him find a business in town you're wasting your breath. He's going to do it his way.

4. Lastly, his stories of me when I was little are somewhat strange. Apparently they often put me in the car when I cried too much. I guess there was no CPS back then? I'm wondering if I have some repressed memories.

And this is just the first step in a long journey we're taking. I'm just thinking that I'd better be on time tomorrow or that will really ruin his perfectly timed day.

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