Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Rainy Days

I'm getting better about paying attention to the weather forecasts and planning around them.  In the past I have always stuck my head out the door to see what the weather was for the day.  Now that I want to garden better I'm trying to plan ahead and work with the weather.

This week is going to have some rainy days.  This leaves me with not much to do in the garden.  There's no watering or feeding to be done.  I can spread a little mulch for soil improvement.  Mostly it will be just watching things grow.  Here's some things I can do:
  • Stalk the UPS truck.  (This actually worked, my cookbook came today)
  • Go see the Chiropractor.  (This was the first time I saw one.  Holy cow!  The little one was totally freaked out watching.  I may be a few inches taller now.  Are you supposed to be really sore later?)
  • Grocery shop.  (I had a dream last night where I went grocery shopping, came home, then proceeded to tell my husband about every item I bought.  Sadly, it was one of the best dreams I've ever had.)
  • Can some jam.  (I wanted to make strawberry jam the other day but ran out of time.  The little one helped me can up 12 half pints.  People love when you give them jam.  Like crazy love.  I'm hoping to save some for a Food Swap in June.)
  • Experiment with Windows Live Writer and hopefully not mess up this post.

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