Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Rain Made Me Change The Header

The rain is still coming down so I had to find some things to do today. 
  • Take the little one to the dentist.  (No cavities!  She didn’t bite this dentist so he’s a keeper.)
  • I’m still very sore from the Chiropractor’s visit.  (I have to go back tomorrow…)
  • Nearly died of boredom then remembered I wanted to work on something that would make me feel like stabbing myself in the head.  Hmm, I should try to change the header.
Taking a walk into unknown blog design territory always fills me with trepidation.  I’m pretty sure it will involve some loss of blood and a computer smashed to a thousand pieces.  I Googled the info and found some instructions I could follow.  I would give you the link but I can’t find it anymore.  (Sure she lost the link.)

Basically, it involved creating a collage in Picasa with a selected file.  This was surprising because I thought Picasa was not around anymore.  I guess they changed their mind.  I chose the pics I wanted, arranged them, changed the background color, added text, resized it and then saved it.  In Blogger I uploaded the pic and selected “instead of title and description” and “shrink to fit.”

What I would change next time:  I would create a new folder with only the pics I wanted in the collage.  It was a pain to go through and delete all the photos I didn’t want.  


The rest of the day I’ve spent dealing with homeschool stuff and reading my cookbook.  I’m excited that it’s one of the original versions.  

We tried the strawberry jam today and it was wonderful!

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