Sunday, April 7, 2013

American Red Cross Emergency Radio

My husband spends a lot of time on Amazon.  I should clarify that, he spends ALL his time on Amazon.  Most of the time my Amazonics Anonymous husband orders silly stuff and I just look at him wondering what planet he's from.  Every once in awhile he'll order something truly useful (in my mind) and practical.  Such is the case with this lovely radio from the American Red Cross.

Right now it is $30.05 shipped.   It does not need batteries.  It has a hand crank charger and a solar charger.  It has an FM and AM tuner and a flashlight.  It also has an USB port!  This means you could charge all those pesky phones, etc.  It is red, which is my favorite color.  A great addition to your home emergency planning kit.

                                          Amazon's American Red Cross Emergency Radio

What my husband usually orders...

He can order in bulk and give to all his friends.  Weirdos unite!

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