Friday, April 26, 2013

Springtime Flies By

Time really flies when you're completely bogged down with too many responsibilities and stresses.  You might even convince your husband to take you out of town because you can't look at the dishes and laundry another day without thinking it would be a good idea to just throw it all in the garbage can.  He might comply. 

The day before we escaped I noticed our oddball cactus had a flower.  It was incredibly stunning.  Not your ordinary cactus flower.  The petals were delicate and tissue paper thin, not something you'd think of belonging on a prickly beast. 

I was blown away at this next shot.  I didn't do anything special with my camera.  I just took the picture.  I love all the details it picked up.  Such vivid colors!

Cactus:  The most beautiful varieties and how to keep them healthy

Here's the girl's pumpkin(?)  I've counted 4 on the vine so far. 

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Someone has moved into the garden!  I was really quite surprised.   They've moved in next to the pink jasmine.  They obviously have good taste.

The first sunflower is open.  I don't expect seeds from this one.  We're patiently waiting for the next one to bloom.  That one is a Mammoth.  It's currently 5 feet tall.

These guys were a surprise.  I didn't know we planted radishes.  And only 3.  

The square foot garden with corn, squash, and beans is coming along.  This prompted a big discussion about why some plants grow bigger than others even when they are in the same soil.  After much thought we came to a consensus:  I don't know.

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