Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday and the Sun Came Back

Yesterday afternoon the sun came back and it was still too cool and too windy to want to stay in the garden.  We opted for the yearly ritual called Girl Flies Kite and Makes Big Knot.  Another successful year!  The girl has improved in keeping the kite in the air.  Her attention span is not improved.  After 5 minutes she wanted Daddy to hold the string.  Daddy said no.  Then her brain said, "get on your bike and ride while you fly the kite.  What could go wrong?"  And she was off on her bike flying her kite.  Luckily, the wind intervened by going away and the kite fell.  The girl no longer thought it a good idea.  I was just happy knowing I wouldn't be in an E.R. trying to explain how my kid was inextricably tied up to her bicycle by a possessed kite.  (In case you're wondering, composting, wood pallets, and things to go in a burn pile happen back here.)

I was driving through a little back neighborhood to get some produce from the discount produce supplier.  I drove past this house and then came back around and took a very quick picture before they thought I was the IRS or something.  What I was looking at was their greenhouse.  The husband decided we will build ours.  I'm hesitant about the materials due to the terrible winds we get here sometimes.  I was happy to see someone else using the materials we're pretty sure we're going to use.  The size looks about right so I can study the pic and guess pretty close how much supplies we'll need.

Back at the homestead it was time to throw down the first of the mulch.  This is just to cover muddy areas that are our main walkways. 

I know I said I was done with planting.  I wasn't going to look at another plant.  I lied.  This hydrangea was 50% off at Lowe's.  Along with some other...plants.  Maybe some fern leaf dill, grape vines, and salvia.  I'm happy with the hydrangeas because it got my imagination working on how to incorporate a flower growing area in the garden.  I'm thinking of adding a section of white picket fence to the back corner.  I'll want to grow only flowers there for cuttings.  It should be a wonderfully relaxing childlike spot.

I stopped at the grocery store and they were selling their tomato plants for $1.25.  I'm working really hard to have tomatoes this year so I'm growing lots and lots of tomato plants.  Last count was 14 and I have seedlings inside.  Overproduction is not a problem.  I love to can food.  Last year we didn't have hardly any tomatoes and it was depressing.  I'm hoping to avoid it this year.

I also very quickly took a piece of wire fencing, formed it into a circle, and connected it to itself by bending back the wire edges over the other ends.  I should probably bury it in the ground a few inches or get some metal brackets to keep it firm on the ground.  I also planted these in the new low-raised bed. 

At the grocery store I picked up some odds and ends that always seem to disappear.  That's right I don't know where my salt and pepper shaker wondered off to.  Someone in the house is always burning or melting the spatulas because they don't know how to cook with them.  My knives seem to walk off.  I haven't seen any sticking out of anyone's back so hopefully it's all good.

Lastly I picked up this beautiful Dutch Oven.  I've been looking around on Amazon and stuff and haven't seen it priced/pretty enough.  This is a 5.2 qt enameled cast iron.  I just know I'm going to make all kinds of delicious things I'll need to use salt and pepper shakers, spatulas, and paring knives to make.


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