Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Fog AND Rain

The weather is ugly today.  It will be great for the plants.  After the rain last week the plants are growing like weeds and the weeds are growing like weeds, too.  I still have grape vines to plant and another salvia bush.  In the meantime here's some pics of things I noticed.  Hold on, the dog's crying so I have to go let him inside.  For an animal that's supposedly been around thousands of years, dogs can be kind of whiney.

I came home from work and the husband had built this for me.  He used my free pallets and fixed up my compost screen.  I get the pallets free from Gardenville.  Marriage tip:  If your husband does things like this it means they love you.

Here's my glorious compost pile.  It's mostly rabbit poo.  The husband cleaned the old mulch out of the entire rabbit area and dumped it here before he added a new layer of mulch to the area.  Rabbits make lots of poo in case you didn't know. 

"I don't know, what project do you want to work on?"-  A usual conversation with the husband.

A rare sighting of the husband.  Do NOT tell him I posted this pic.  

This is a zombie eggplant.  Everyone thought it was completely dead from the freeze we had but now it has lots of little green leaves growing.  It might survive my care after all.

This is a pic of companion planting between a sunflower and pumpkin plant.  Someone's tail had to be in the pic, too.

Lastly, some of the onion plants from last year are flowering.  I'll let them go to seed and collect the seeds and see if I can grow some more.  Onions love me.  I don't know why.

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