Monday, June 28, 2010

My Simple Little Hobbies...a pondering

Dear Reader,

I hate going for more than a few days without blogging to you. I know it's trivial and you'd rather not read quite so much of me some days. I, too, feel the same about you. We do tend to blather and prattle on and on sometimes. However, there's a little sad spot I feel for some when I have seen weeks, or even months go by without a post from you.

This evening I'm thinking of all the pictures I have to post and yet not the time. My "enjoyable" hobbies are sucking the life out of me! I love each one and find it hard to put one down to take up another. But tonight I'm going to put the blog down and not think about it for a few days. I need to get caught up.

While I take this few days break I will be planning a spectacular gardening harvest post. Until I'm back, pencil me in for Friday, write yourself an amazing post on your blog, or get someone like How To Homemaker to do a guestblog, and take a break yourself. We deserve it.


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