Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday Catch Up

Is it Friday already? The time flew by but I can say I did get done what needed to be done. Right now we seem to be getting a huge amount of rain which limits my time out in the garden. There's not much to do in it anyway. Just wait for things to grow. Some things tend to grow a lot more than others... Like this tomato plant. I think it's a Black Krim, though I can't be sure because it's in the carrot patch. I didn't plant it. It just showed up one day and it looks like my other Black Krim tomatos. It's gotten a little out of control and I got it a chair to sit in.

Here's one of the tomatos it's growing. This one is bigger than a baseball.

Here's some other tomatos peeking out on another plant. I call these Lowe's tomatos because I can't remember what kind I bought, but I do know I bought it at Lowe's. It has 12 tomatos on it.

This is another tomato plant. (I do have 28) This one has evidence of my garden enemy, the tomato horn worm. You can see this as some parts look like little twigs because some big fat worm/catepillar ate the rest. Gardening does require feeding some bugs, which is why I planted so many.

Here's the sunflower harvest. The big one is the size of a car steering wheel. I got the seeds out of them, soaked in 1:3 salt water and baked at 200 till they were dry. I have a half gallon of seeds to eat now. Not bad for 2 plants.
One of my goals on my days away from the blog world was to have fun. Rowan and I went to the park and got on this 3 person tire swing. This is a pic of her while we're swinging and I'm trying to get a pic while only holding one chain. She's laughing at me trying not to fall off.

The other day a friend made some homemade hot fudge sauce and insisted that I put on a ton of weight try it.

So here is exactly what I think of that hot fudge sauce! I also had a dream that my boss sent me a text message saying that Dolly Parton was killed in a plane crash in Europe so I would have to go into work. That was really weird since my job has nothing to do with airlines, Europe, country music stars, or Dolly Parton. And I want to say that I have nothing against Dolly Parton, either. Maybe I better lay off the sauce.


  1. LOL! Am mega jealous of your garden. I keep thinking it would be awesome to have one, but then I might need to water it and I would forget to. Prolly cheaper for me to just buy them at the store. Great work chicky! And Rowan? Adorable!

  2. My birth mother dead? In a plane crash? OMG, I would've woken up bawling in a cold sweat-not to be confused with the night sweats I've been having-and would have to mourn.

    Dude, got tomatoes? I'm way jealous!