Thursday, July 15, 2010

Knitting Class

Yesterday I took the plunge and went to a knitting class. I'd been meaning to go for over a month now but just hadn't been able to schedule it. I also arrived on time. I hate being late.

It was a small class. About every age and skill was there. Most of them were crocheters. Apparently knitters can mix with crocheters and no fights will break out. Some knew how to do both. Shut..up. Is that even allowed?

I was mostly impressed with the 16 year old knitter. She was like pro-am or something. She was all "yeah, I thought it looked like fun so I started last week and now I'm making this sweater off the top of my head and it'll be done tonight." She didn't really say that. That was how it sounded in my head, though. She was doing like this speed knitting thing. Apparently there's also a Guiness Book of World Records fastest knitter in the world category. You can see her on YouTube.

I stuck it out and studiously concentrated on my knitting pattern, plodding through. Guess what? I actually got better. I learned some technique tips from the 16 year old and since I didn't have the distractions from home I could actually focus better.

This class was free at Hobby Lobby. If you are interested or broke, get thee behind to a class in your area. It's worth it even if you're just getting out of the summer heat.

*The picture is from Wikicommons.(A basket of yarn, from {{cc-by-sa-2.0}})


  1. cool! i didn't know HL had free classes for this kind of thing! i always thought these types of things were paid classes. i crochet and quilt, I've tried knitting and it's HARD! to me. lol i'm a follower now ;)

  2. Thanks Niki! I'm not sure all Hobby Lobby stores will have them. An alternative is to start one at your library. They usually let people schedule meeting rooms if it's non profit. This was a very relaxed group and everyone worked on their stuff and talked and tried to help each other out. It was funny listening to other people's stories of frustration and know I wasn't the only one with that two left hands feeling.