Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Craft, Inc.

If you're thinking of going into business for yourself, I would recommend this handy little book. I just ordered mine. I've been borrowing one from a friend and have been dying to scribble and underline all over it.

It's packed full of relative useful information. It's good business sense for any field but mainly relates to crafting businesses. It covers brick and mortar, your online site and blog, and Etsy or related type sales. Haven't a clue about a business plan? There's an outline. I've reached the part about creating a press kit, which sounds like big important words. This little book is going to walk me right through it.

There's some additional stories from other startups and their mistakes and successes. The back has 2 full pages of internet resources. At 160 pages it's an easy read. "Craft, Inc. is the ultimate guide to turning what you do for fun into what you do for money."


  1. Now this book looks like it's very practical. That is what someone needs when they are starting out. It sounds like it can be used for any industry.

  2. Marnie- It is thoroughly fantastic and affordable too!