Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Journey of Crochet...

Crochet is one those skills I wanted to work on. I got my opportunity when I saw Vickie Howell's blog with a free pattern for a hat. I had to make that hat. It's rated easy, which usually means easy for someone with a master's degree in crochet. However, it really was easy. And fast. I made this over the weekend. Get Out! Yes, I did it over the weekend. She even gives you a video to learn how to do that puff stitch. I used a different yarn than she did. I used a 100% wool yarn. What better yarn to use on these chilly 100 degree summer days. And now I have my winter hat.

This is my hat model. She's cute. You can write to her at... the women's prison. She's in for a stint of writing bad checks. Not really. I can say this about her since she said my practice crochet was so incredibly horrible that there really was no hope for me.

This is the practice crochet I was learning with Saturday morning. It's a square...It's supposed to be a square. Are you done laughing? I'm posting this because I want you to see that you too can go from this blue square to making that great hat in just a few hours.

I have a long history of crocheting really bad. In fact, years and years ago I made this koozy thing. It's my very first piece. It's like it has magical powers. Anytime it's brought out it causes hysterical laughter from all in the room. I'm actually not allowed to get rid of it because of everyone's love of its' patheticness.

I'll keep working at it. If anyone else makes this hat I would love to see how it turns out.

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