Sunday, July 11, 2010

Writer's Block and Rain

There hasn't been a whole lot going on this last week. I came to blogger a few times, sat down, stared at the screen, and nothing. I couldn't think of enough to put a post together. Upon reflection, it makes me kind of happy. I had writer's block. This is an evil bestowed upon real writers, of which I haven't considered myself.

Most of the nothingness of the week revolved around rain. It rained almost every day. It did stop for 2 days and then started right back up. Jace said, "Oh good, I thought that drought would never end." This is a joke. Because there's this weird thinking about rain around here. There's never enough. We could have a Noahdic rain and it still wouldn't be enough. Jace says they're something like crack addics. "All I need is one more inch and I'd be happy." And they say inch, eench. And they never let it go. We're under flash flood watches and people are still completely ingrained to complain that they only need one more eench.

This is my trophy! The first tomato. It's a regular/big size tomato. The pic just makes it look small. I picked it because it was starting to turn red and all the rain was making it get some little hairline splits. I put it in a paper bag for a couple of days to ripen it up, making sure I checked it everyday to not let it over ripen. We'll eat it today. The consensus is that it's a Roma tomato. Interesting because we don't have any Roma seeds. Maybe there was one in the carrot seed packet?

Another project we did during the Great Rain was making animals with fuzzy sticks. Or if you're old and decrepit, pipe cleaners. This project was Rowan's business mind come to life. Right now I pay her in snow cones for helping me at the farmers market. Now she has decided she wants to move up in the corporation to product development and sales. I guess the menial labor has inspired her to make something she can get real cash for.

The problem with this idea is that none of us are particularly talented at making animals out of fuzzy sticks. The above pic is Jace's rendition of a giraffe... We like to refer to him as croco-giraffe because he kind of has a gator head. Also his head is on the same end as the tail.

Here, I made a flower. Apparently I do not know that a flower is not an animal. I was therefore not following instructions.

Here's the final collection of a giraffe, mouse, spider, snake, and flower.

My last topic for why I wasn't blogging is because I had a tummy bug. I thought it was due to stress but could have been bubonic plague, ebola, or food poisoning. Jace did the good husband thing by throwing medicine at me and ducking for cover, hoping I wouldn't stampede him in one of my 1.000 trips to...the toilet paper origami station. I'm back on the mend and managed toast and hot cocoa today with no subsequent episodes. In my misery I managed to write this post in my head and a couple others. Hopefully next week will be more blogeriffic!


  1. Your body is rebelling against the lack of HFCS. Feed the need!

  2. Lol! Lanora, you are bad! I just have to pick the source. Cookies or icecream?