Saturday, July 24, 2010

Short Post

Right now is the busy part of my week and I'm hoping to not be around at all tomorrow. I wanted to post a couple of pics from earlier this week. I was driving and missed my turn on purpose accidentally and ended up at the Goodwill. I figured I could either turn around and exit or maybe there was a reason I ended up there. I decided to go in and take a look around...
Hello Mama! Look at these. $7 for both. Oh sure, there's some tiny imperfections but they are staying outside in the garden. Awesome awesome awesome happy dance.
This is a partial victory. I saw these dishes last month as a full set. I hemmed and hawed because of the price and skipped them even though I loved them. This time the set was gone and only these 4 plates managed to escape and hide, waiting for their real mom to find them. Though I wish I had the whole set, I can be happy with just a pinch of their cuteness.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I am so jealous of the goods finds!

  2. Sara- Thanks! It's hard to find good stuff when you have it all at your house. :P

    Lanora- Now if I need to get you a gift I know what to give you. Just kidding.