Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dumb Button...why won't you work??

You'll notice there's blog changes. I needed a new "outfit." I'm also trying to learn how to put buttons on my blog. This is going extremely horrible marvelous. It looks like the only way I will get a button on here is with a hammer. A real hammer. So if anyone knows a simple, and I mean simpler than all the google links, way to add a button let me know.


  1. What kind of a button are you trying to put on here? I have a lot of features on the sides of my blog, but they came from the choices Blogger had given on "add a gadget". Perhaps what you are looking for might be a widget? I'm just guessing. Try googling "widgets for blogger" to see what you might get.

  2. Marnie- Thanks I will try that. I just wanted one that has Julie's Rants on it. I've been seeing these on "everyone's" blogs and I want to be in the cool crowd, too. After reading your blog I also went and bought apple cider vinegar for hair rinse. Sounds fun!

  3. Ok adding a picture gadget worked! Now my life can move on. lol

  4. Let me know how you like the apple cider vinegar rinse :0)

  5. Julie,
    Here is the link I used for making my blog buttons so that other people could grab them.

    It is not a perfect tutorial as I would make my button and it would have littl symbols showing that I had to figure out how to remove. Usually took me 3 or 4 tries but persistance paid off.
    Hope this helps!