Thursday, June 24, 2010

Things I did while being bedridden

Frankly, I hate being sick. This time I have been told I have bronchitis. This disease is supposed to last around 3 weeks. My patience has lasted about 3 seconds. While I know I'm supposed to be a good girl and stay in bed, sort of like the women of long ago who would take to their sick bed and not emerge for a month later. I am simply incapable of such...solitude...reflective...stagnation. So instead I stay semi in bed but come up with very creative things to do while here. Hence, I'm competing against myself. So here's the list of winners:

The strawberry jam festival which I sneaked into the kitchen to perform. Please hop over to read that blog. It's a new business in its' infancy that can use all the views and follows it deserves. I lurve it.
I found this in the garden. As you might have read in the past I like to give my things odd names to remember them by. This is a squash. My first squash. A pesticide free squash. So it's name is PestiSquash. I thought he looked kind of like a goose. Without the head..wings..and feet of course. Oh...sneaking back into the house. Don't want to be seen wondering about looking too healthy.
I spent some quality time with my new bff, Youtube. I always thought it was bizarre videos of people looking to get famous, injuring themselves, making their baby laugh, dressing up their animals in outfits, or getting disgusting shots of their girlfriends working out to wii. But I also found a lot of instructional videos for people with an ounce of brain and semi crafting ability. I learned how to make this hairbow for Rowan. This one is unusual because it's sooo normal. The ones I make her are pretty over the top. Think cowboy hats with feathers and giant pink butterflies heading out on Rowan's head for a Rose Bowl Parade float.

Another project I read about and decided to take on was making homemade washcloths. These are made with 100% cotton and the one in your bathroom is probably 100% cotton. So they work the same. These will make great little gifts. They're very fast to make and will be sold with Mad City Chicks stuff. If you want some go over there and email them an order.

And since our day wouldn't be complete without my everblooming bff, Rowan. She's helping in the kitchen with her new apron. Drinking strawberry juice flavored with Stevia (tastes like strawberry koolaid). Notice the black mark on her arm....and the black and white paper on the counter, and the black marks on the counter.... Sharpie..permanent..marker.

*Thank you for my new followers (Leeanna). Marnie...I think the apple cider vinegar had the intended purpose since I wash my clothes in the rinse cycle with white vinegar. Hair was ultra soft and easily combed through. I was glad I was stuck in all weekend away from neighbors because of apple cider smell. Having problems with getting a good toothpaste recipe. Baking soda has sodium, so adding salt doesn't help. Adding liquid Stevia extract was a gagfest. Any more ideas?


  1. Hey Julie,
    First off, get yourself feeling better!
    Second, Thanks for putting my button on your blog!!! I don't see a code for your button so I added you, the 1st, to my blog roll. Thanks again for supporting my site!
    Hugs and feel better soon,

  2. Hi Nancy- Yeah, I have button issues. The closest I've come is to just add a link to picture. I've read it has something to do with photobucket but I just haven't had the time to sit down and figure it out.