Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My Secret Life

About a month ago I wrote in a post about working on a top secret project. Today was the first day of trying out that project. This is what I've been working on and committing giant science experiments about....

I've joined a farmer's market. It's actually my two friends and I. One of them would say I've gone over to the dark side but at least there are cookies and they are organic. The other one broke her leg and is at home being a pirate and growing chickens.

But let me tell you about today. It was stupendously great. And boy was I nervous. And it was hot. Somehow we managed not to melt into little puddles, probably due to the lemonade lady parked next to us.

We met quite a few very nice people. The other vendors also came over and wished us great success and talked very passionately about mint.

So why did we jump into this farmer market business? There was something we kept running into. People saying how they would love homemade products but didn't have time to make them. We decided we weren't busy enough with work and family and started making some of these products ourselves. We told a few people about it but mostly kept it to ourselves. The ones we did tell perked up very interested and asked lots of questions. Then it was time to "put up or shut up."

Well, we did and it was a very nice success. We had many, many sales and raked in a ton of dough and I'm sitting on a beach in Mexico with my retirement money writing this. Not really. But we did have success. The customers were very interested and curious and pleasantly surprised to see us. I think we made the market more interesting. Kind of craft fair meets farmers market. People also liked that we handed out flyers with small bios, why we were doing this, and a list of resources we use. (It made us look all professional)

So now I can post that I am a part of Mad City Chicks. You can go visit the blog and read about our adventures in product making and markets we go to. We're also on Twitter and Etsy, though we aren't selling anything on Etsy, yet.

Next product? Toothpaste!!!


  1. Awesome! Am so very impressed! I hope that you get rich, rich, rich! xoxo

  2. Thanks Sara! You're a gutsy kind a gal so figured I could be one, too.